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Step 1


You send us your track 

We discuss what type of vibe you're going for and ...


First ones tough!
You gotta share your track !
Seems obvious 
Send us an mp3 or a sample 
This is a safe creative space!
If you've recorded midi drums 
or want us to add drums from scratch, we'd be happy to help.
We will record a take for you 


Step 2


You review and revise
let us know what you like
Make a deposit of 50%
We will rerecord 3 more takes 
Send you mp3 for approval

It's the new way to record drums 

No fuss no phase issues 

All tracks will be prepared for you 

1 set Raw and and 1 set Eq'd

Step 3

Then rock out and enjoy mixing your songs !

Get .wav files of three takes
basic mixing can be added  
share your track
Music is something that's better done together!
 Remember keep your original files  archived you own these and all the rights forever! Thanks to digital


Come record with   us!

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